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Warhammer: Snotling Fling


Unleash your inner Greenskin and lay siege to The Empire!JOURNEY TO THE OLD WORLDThe Warhammer Old World trembles in fear as Gorbad Ironclaw leads a thunderous Waaagh! through Black Fire Pass and into the Realm of The Empire. The fate of the Realm once again hangs in the balance, and a powerful Wizard known as Ostergrim has arrived to lend The Empire his assistance in turning back the green tide. Join the crew of the Snotling Flinga and embark on an epic quest to crush The Empire in Warhammer: Snotling Fling.
COMMAND YOUR SNOTLINGS...YES, SNOTLINGSCommand a crazy crew of Snotlings and and fling them at Empire Soldiers!!
BLOOD, SNOT AND TEARS!Control a fully laden Goblin War Machine with an arsenal of stupidly destructive projectiles that can knock even the mightiest of fortifications to the ground!
LOTSA LEVELS80 fun and challenging Levels to complete - not too shabby!
MIGHT AND MAGICFling your favourite Snotlings at Empire Soldiers and earn teef to spend on powerful realm-shaking Magic. Make it rain Squigs and even summon the Foot of Gork!
FEATURES• 80 fiendishly fun flinging levels• Lots of Secret Skulls to collect • Epic 3D Graphics• Realistic Physics simulation• Challenging puzzle gameplay• Immersive fantasy environments• Connect to Facebook• Teef
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